September diving news…..

A week ago today, we sat at home under curfew with an empty feeling as the evening drew closer and at the hour of 7pm, I thought of what it would have been like should we had been able to live as normal and gotten together at the Tower Hotel for our trivia night…  Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, much the same for courses that were due to run in August, club dives that were meant to have taken place… Once again, the incompetence of our government stood out like a beacon, with failures to control both state and international borders plunging us back into yet another crippling lockdown. 

One thing that is for sure is that we will be back, we will have our trivia night, we will all celebrate together and you will win some amazing prizes, when we get back to operational level, we will re-schedule and re-contact everyone to confirm their participation!

In listening to the daily Dan, it was pleasing to hear that the focus is starting to change and the narrative trotted out day in day out is taking a turn out of denial to acknowledgement of the fact that things have to change and that people need to be able to start living again.

From our end, at SCUBA CULTURE we’re in favour of the vaccine passport and if the vaccine passport is the only thing that will allow people to start travelling again then BRING IT ON!  We feel that people who are vaccinated should be allowed to take responsibility for their own actions and should be allowed to have freedom to go diving, undertake training, browse and shop in-store to their heart’s content

Additionally, we’re very mindful of the impact that these lockdowns are having on people, and we once again remind you that we’re only a phone call, or an email away should you need to have a chat with someone, we will always be there to talk diving or anything else you want to talk about, whatever you do, don’t ever hesitate to reach out.

Yes we are still open for click and collect of online sales (collections by appointment).  We have diverted the shop phone so that it goes to my mobile, so if you have any questions about dive gear you may be wanting to purchase from our online store – definitely give us a call!  We aren’t allowed to do tank fills or rent out dive gear, we aren’t allowed to have the retail showroom open, but we are allowed to do regulator servicing (by appointment only).  Thankfully, our online shop has trickled through a bit of business and we’re very grateful to all those divers who have supported SCUBA CULTURE by purchasing from us.

The wheels of innovation keep on turning!  Scubapro recently released a new range of Tec gear, starting off with a brand new range of buoyancy compensators heading up the new S-Tec line up.  Continuously investing in R & D, Scubapro took the entire X-Tec range back to the drawing board and began by throwing out the rule book and starting with a “KEEP and DUMP” list, isolating individual components of the old line, and analising the pro’s and con’s of each and every single component and if it made the “KEEP” list it went into a “HOW DO WE MAKE IT BETTER” list… From there everything was re-designed and made better.

The S-Tec range was also added to with a range of “comfort” features such as removable shoulder straps, padding on the back plate, removable external weight pockets for the buoyancy compensators in a range of colours to differentiate your system from the “norm” and match the rest of your gear, on top of that, other items that compliment the range have also come in with a range of finger spools with a central free spinning disk (much like the fidget spinners) again with the ability to be colour matched to your gear, a range of SMB’s, a range of cave reels of different lengths for the cave diver with matching arrow and cookie monsters.

A serious amount of thought in the re-designing and re-vamping of the product line has gone into this recent release.  The release took place at the start of the northern hemisphere Summer to link in with the US and European diving seasons and by all accounts has been a huge success with even the hard core purists raising an eyebrow in admiration and recognition of clever innovations.

I can’t wait to be allowed to go diving again and give my new S-Tec system a run, and you will also see Ben with one of these BC’s on his back as well.  And to share the love and get behind these new toys, you’ll find them on sale on our web site at
Scubapro is also throwing in a T-shirt for each purchase of any of the S-Tec wing and plate systems over and above our online special deals!

All we can say is that as soon as we re-open, courses that should have run through the lockdown will be re-scheduled in order to deliver the training you’ve been looking forward to doing.  We are somewhat reluctant to go nuts and schedule up more training with the uncertainties of the current climate