Education Standards

Sure your dive course must be fun, but over and above all else it must be safe. The safety of our divers is paramount to our business and it is only through quality education that this can be achieved. All our current certifications are done through SSI (SCUBA SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL). We are not bound by maximum education ceilings, through Scuba Culture you will be taught more.

Xavier, Director of Scuba Culture who works full time at the store has been instructing instructors now since 1991 under the banner of NASDS (National Association of Scuba Diving Instructors) formerly FAUI (Federation of Australian Underwater Instructors). Later on in life, Xavier qualified as a Course Director with NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) running several instructor programs and examining on many others. In 2000, Xavier also became an Instructor Certifier for SSI (SCUBA SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL) where for several years, Instructor Programs have run through SCUBA CULTURE Pty Ltd.

With such a history at the very top of diver training under the banners of the worlds top training agencies, there is no-one in the Victorian diving industry that can offer the depth of knowledge that Xavier delivers time and time again to his Instructor candidates.

In as much as the fact that there is a handful of SSI Instructor Certifiers in Victoria, SCUBA CULTURE is the only training facility that can boast a full time member of staff with this much knowledge and experience.

Becoming A Diver

We put more into your course so that you may get more out of your diving.  

Some organisations will give you a certification card with as little as 4, 20 minute dives under a local pier where the certification depth of 12 metres may, or may not be reached. When you learn to scuba dive with SCUBA CULTURE you will do a minimum of 4 dives. 2 of which will be boat dives.

By the time you have finished your Open Water course you will also know how to assist another diver, and to resuscitate them if need be, again, we are thinking about safety, and most importantly of you, your family and loved ones.

Don’t be fooled by glossy brochures and a flashy badge. Compare apples with apples, at the end of the day, a dive certification is just that, it is a plastic card with your name on it that allows you to go and dive. The fact is that your SCUBA CULTURE certification will be your passport to safe enjoyable diving. It probably costs you about the same as another card, but it’s what you have been taught and what you have achieved that really matters. Your certification is your passport to diving anywhere in the world and will be recognised and accepted world wide by any charter operator.