Don’t take our word for it – here are some testimonials from other Scuba Culture customers. 

I have been very happy with the level of detail and thoroughness with the instruction that Angela has been delivering to the kids. I was very satisfied with the professionalism Angela and the rest of the instructors have demonstrated. The kids have been doing quite well and have really enjoyed the classes. Angela, as well as the other instructors, have been fantastic and I am definitely happy to continue with Scuba Culture as we continue the club. It has been very gratifying to know that the kids are in good hands, and that there has been, like you said, a level of attention from all the staff that has ensured the kids are getting the best instruction possible.

Nick / Tintern Schools

My family and I completed the open water course at a time that was catered to our needs. Brad our instructor, was both informative and made it enjoyable. From here my 12 year old daughter and I have gone on to complete the navigation course and my partner the dry suit course. From here it is the deep diving, nitrox and stress and rescue courses before embarking on a trip to truk lagoon in November 2014. Great team, service and experiences.

Tim Cummings / Diver

I started diving in 2010, and Scuba Culture couldn’t have made learning diving any easier. The instructors were fantastic, they went through skills step by step multiple times, extended theory beyond the basics of the training manuals and made me feel like I was being looked after; and that my safety was top priority. Having extended my diving skills through the range of specialty courses Scuba Culture offer; I have come to realize the level of depth that they go to, to ensure you have all of the knowledge and skills you need to dive safely in any environment, is second to none. To top this off, the club is fantastic fun, with monthly BBQs, Quiz nights, presentations from key figures in the International Diving community, and almost weekly diving run by their brilliant Dive team; high quality rental gear and expert gear servicing in store; and having gone to Papua New Guinea, Kangaroo Island, and with a trip to the Philippians and Palau upcoming all through the club, my travel plans have never looked better.

Thanks Xavier, Mel, and team for making my last three years of diving so fantastically fun! I look forward to more in the not too distant future.

David Brent / Diver

I am so happy I had good dive instructors who taught me how to dive and enjoy myself, a BIG Thank you to Xavier and especially Andrew for teaching me how to dive, how to enjoy diving and to respect everything everywhere while I’m doing it.

Mark A Wood / Diver

Thanks to you and Dave for a great RPL Assessment Day yesterday. I feel you got the balance between refreshment of skills and assessment just right. I appreciate that you were firm on the level of skill required, and ensured all divers completed all components. I will certainly recommend SCUBA Culture to other diving officers at universities and government departments throughout Victoria.

Dr Julian Finn / Museum Victoria

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Xavier and Scuba Culture about three years back. Having dabbled with scuba through a series of resort and introductory type dives on vacations over the years, I finally decided to get serious and do my Open Water qual ahead of a holiday to Vanuatu. As it turned out, getting serious about diving and doing it through the crew at Scuba Culture turned out to be a couple of the best decisions I’ve made in recent times!! Since then, I can attest to the fact that as a SSI and TDI accredited instructional facility, the Scuba Culture instructors are all hand picked by Xavier, trained to the highest standards, and completely at home with local (cold water) and wider international diving conditions. I’ve found them not only committed to ensuring you learn to dive in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment, but also to helping you become the safest and most capable diver you possibly can be. Having done all my diving quals through Scuba Culture (I’m now a SSI Master Diver with some basic TDI “Techie” quals under my belt), I’ve been fortunate to pursue my passion for diving in many locations around the world. Some of this I’ve arranged independently, and some of it has been through the great specialist dive travel services available through Scuba Culture. During this time my experience as a diver has grown, and I’ve been both pleased with and proud of the number of complements and the positive feedback I’ve received from dive buddies, dive guides, and operators I’ve been diving with about my skills and general competence in the water. This is the direct result of the high standard of instruction I’ve enjoyed with Scuba Culture and the personal diligence, focus, and patience of Xavier’s instructors who I’ve had the pleasure of training with over the last three years.

In addition to a top quality scuba training experience, the Scuba Culture dive shop has provided me access to all the latest and greatest (and safest) diving gear and technical advice going around. The after-sales service is great, and on the rare occasion when I’ve needed it, the warranty support has been absolutely second-to-non!! Yes, you can buy cheap diving gear on the internet, but I kind of like the idea of being able to eye-ball the folks selling me something that my life depends on, and the guys at Scuba Culture certainly know their stuff!

I’ve also really appreciated the social aspects and continuous improvement focus the Scuba Culture Dive Club provides. It’s great to get together with like-minded divers at the frequent professionally guided club dives, and regular sponsored social events. Whilst there is frequently a diving information/education focus associated with the club social events, there is also plenty for those with an interest in good food and wine – everything in moderation of course!! It really doesn’t take long to get to know people when you’re training, diving, or enjoying a quiet beer or red wine with them back at the dive shop in Hawthorn, or kicking back on the deck of the Aore Island Resort bar in Vanuatu as we were just a few of weeks back!

For anyone thinking about getting into diving for the first time, getting back into it after some “dry-time”, or taking your diving skills and qualifications to the next level, I’d certainly recommend the guys at Scuba Culture as a first rate crew to do it with. Many thanks and keep up the good work Xav and Mel!!

Mick M / Diver

Andrew is an awesome instructor and Xav keeps a tight ship. Well done SCUBA Culture 🙂

Kerry Bail / Diver

Thank you Xavier, the course was very well run, and you and your staff were very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. We are all better, safer divers as a result and the mutual respect we developed was a key part of this.

John Ford / Melbourne University

I would have given up with out the encouragement, patience and professionalism of everyone at Scuba Culture. The instructors are so knowledgeable and friendly and they’ll do everything to make sure you feel comfortable, confident, safe and above all enjoy your dive. Just to think I could have missed out on the most wonderful experience – there’s nothing like it! And you make a great group of friends and have heaps of fun as well! Once you start diving with Xavier and the team – guaranteed you’ll have the bug for life!

Vanessa Naisbitt / Diver

I finally signed up for scuba lessons after years of intending to but not quite getting around to it. I was one of about 6 students. The instructors were very thorough: even though we were mixed as far age and strength, they made sure we each had the skills and attitude necessary to dive safely. It was clear we were in good hands always. I’ve been diving for about two years now and wish I had started sooner. The classes have led on to incredible diving holidays with scuba culture around Australia, the tropics and (soon) South America. I’ve also learnt lots about gear, marine life and conservation at club nights. If you are not certain -give it a try and see where it leads you.

Clara Gaff / Diver

As part of my employment, I am required to meet occupational diving standards. Learning to dive with Xavier and team has been a great experience, and instructors from open water to night and deep courses were both friendly and professional

Colin Silvey / Museum Victoria

After a long hiatus, I am back into scuba diving and Scuba Culture has been fantastic in making this enjoyable and hassle-free. Xavier and staff are a wealth of information; they have patiently answered my abundant queries and sorted me out with the necessary gear to dive Antarctica – it’s great to speak with someone who has ‘been and done that’. Dry Suit Diving course was professional and fun. Having a ball … highly recommended!

Leanne Van Der Merwe / Diver