Another Lockdown…

If you were booked in for the Matt Krumins Underwater Photography course due to begin tonight, we are really sorry but unfortunately it will need to be rescheduled.But Matt being the excellent Instructor he is, will provide an extra Zoom session during this lockdown in order to stay in touch and get ready for the course.He will contact you directly so please look out for an email from him.

If you were about to start a course this weekend, we will work to rescheduling this as soon as we are out of “Lockdown”.We will communicate with you via email in the next week when lockdown has ended.

If you have paid for hire gear, it will be held in credit for your next booking.

If you have any gear you need serviced – bring it in today before 8pm so you can give us something to do over the next week!

If you are home and bored with nothing you are allowed to do, go to check out all the cool SCUBA toys you will be allowed to use some day.

We will still be working hard to fulfil online orders and finish off gear servicing.If you need to pick something up, just contact us via phone or in order to arrange “click and collect” otherwise we can of course post to your address.