October diving news…..

October 2021 Dive Club Newsletter

As we slowly move out of restrictions and assume the dubious mantle of being the longest locked down city in the world, we’re working hard to try to decipher the direction of DHHS as far as diving is concerned. We have made direct requests for clarifications on rules simply to be directed to a bunch of links that provide absolutely 0 answers to our questions… So…. We battle on in the hope that our interpretation of the directions enable us to step by step resume diving and dive education. Please refer to the “Roadmap” and “FAQ’s” to inform yourself as to what can be done. You can find some of this information at: https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/coronavirus-covidsafe…

On the subject of diving, please ensure that your tanks are in test prior to requesting a fill. If your tank is not in test, please organise to bring it to us ASAP. Our hydro test station is likely to be overwhelmed with scuba tank hydro tests as soon as we re-open and delays in testing are likely to be encountered just when you need your tank to go diving.

This leads us to also prompt you to ensure that your regs and BC are also serviced, again, we’re likely to be swamped with demand when we re-open with many brands of dive gear experiencing drastic shortages in service kits. In fact, some brands are already out of kits and will not be receiving any until into the new year. Luckily we hold good stock of Scubapro, Apeks, Aqualung and some models of Tusa kits, so please drop us a line/email to organise a drop off date and time.

We are currently able to service equipment so, if it is due for service, send an email or call to make a time to bring it in. As far as retail is concerned, accessing the shop as such is still some way away, but it appears that we will be allowed to have retail outdoors (apparently as of October 26 when we reach 70% vaccination rate). As far as serving vaccinated VS non vaccinated people are concerned, we’re waiting to see what the state government decides as they follow medical advice and put in policies. No matter what, we will comply with the directions issued by the Chief Health Officer. Of course, our online shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our expert guidance available simultaneously via phone, email or messenger. Then just “Click and collect” or have it delivered!

We’re now also forging ahead with ordering our Summer stock. We’ve taken delivery of a substantial amount of XDeep stock direct from Poland and are set to receive another shipment before the end of the month. Again, you’ll all be well aware that there are drastic stock shortages all over Australia due to supply line interruptions, problems with international and domestic freight as well as issues with componentry required at the point of manufacture, we have some substantial Scubapro shipments set to arrive in November, December and possibly January but are currently well stocked with most of the current Scubapro range. In listening to the advice from retail experts, Australians are being encouraged to begin their Xmas shopping now to ensure that the goods are available and are received in time for Xmas, it is forecast that the cut off time for receiving by Xmas requires goods to be shipped by December 2. Why not be your own courier and just “click and collect”?!


This current lockdown that started August 5 and was meant to be a “7 Day circuit breaker” forced us to interrupt many courses midway through. We will work as hard as we possibly can to prioritise all divers who have current bookings on courses that are yet to be completed, we have scheduled up our training calendar through to June 2022 and will be offering those divers first option of choice on the course timing most suitable to them. Scuba Culture is blessed to have the very best team of instructors to ensure that we get you trained properly but will not at any cost reduce required training time to issue certifications, we never have and never will compromise your safety.

We understand only too well the sufferance that so many people have encountered since the start of the pandemic and we’re not immune to those effects either, but once again, we’ve pushed back against commercial pressures to increase the price of club membership, this will now be the 17th year in a row where the cost of membership has remained the same at $96. Once again, this year we’re offering all members an EARLY BIRD RENEWAL option whereby if you renew your membership online (check your email for the link), you will choose from 3 options literally giving you back the value of your membership up front simply by renewing by 31 October 2021.

Hopefully in the November club newsletter, we’re able to bring you a range of diving activities and dates that you’ll all be able to book on.

Please remember that the Cray and Abalone seasons open on November 16, please make sure that you have a current Victorian recreational fishing license https://vfa.vic.gov.au/recreational-fishing/fishing-licence along with digital cray tags if chasing the prized crustaceans which can be obtained here https://vfa.vic.gov.au/…/tagging-of-recreationally…