Scuba Diving Equipment

Diving is an equipment orientated sport, in the same way as Water Skiing requires a boat, diving requires gear.

Although you will be provided with the “hardware” (Regulators, Buoyancy Compensator, Gauges, Air Cylinder, Wetsuit and Weight Belt) during your Open Water course, there are some items of equipment that we advise you should consider purchasing and some that we are simply not allowed to supply.

Equipment Requirements

  • Snorkel: We do not supply snorkels due to bacterial transfers from saliva from one individual to another, at the end of the day, we care about our divers health.
  • Dive Boots: We do not supply dive boots due to bacterial transfers from feet to feet i.e. Tinea.
  • Masks: Masks are often kept from fogging up by spitting inside the lens and rubbing it all over the glass, this provides a film that will not allow condensation to adhere to the glass. Would you like to place on your face or the face of your loved ones, an item that someone else has recently spat in?
  • Fins: Fins propel you through the water, they must fit your feet comfortably and you must be able to use them effectively without causing cramps, you own your own shoes, why wouldn’t you own your own fins?
  • Gloves: Gloves are designed to keep you warm and to protect you from cuts and abrasions, they are not supplied in your course.
  • Wetsuit: Although we supply you with a wetsuit, again we advise that you consider purchasing your own, the reality is that although we take a lot of care in the maintenance of our suits, we can not guarantee that the previous user did not leave any undesirables in there, nor that it will fit you properly, a bad fitting suit will allow cold water to enter and chill you on your dive.


SCUBA CULTURE has established a wide network of suppliers whose range will cater to various needs and budgets.

We specialise in total equipment diving solutions and can custom cut tailor equipiment set ups to suit your needs.

There is no Scuba equipment that we can not obtain, and the fact is that there is no better way to learn to dive than in you own equipment.