August diving news…..

As we enter our last month of the 2021 Winter we look back at July 2021 with mixed feelings, on one hand, the rapid and harsh lockdown served well to control the most recent spread of the virus, whilst on the other side of the fence it dealt another blow and smashed another nail in the coffin of so many small business operators, not to mention adding another layer of pain to so many people suffering in silence with mental health issues.
Once again, we along with 18 of our divers were dealt another blow with the last minute cancellation of yet another dive trip.  So, it’s with hope that we sit here and listen to our leaders as they tell us of the wonderful job that they’re doing for the greater community with the roll out of the vaccine.
Whilst on the subject of the vaccine, most of our frontline crew have either been fully vaccinated or are awaiting their second jab.  On the whole and speaking with dive operators interstate and overseas, there is a strong push for some form of vaccination passport in the industry as the catalyst to re-open and resume life to a “new normal”.

The diving world and diving industry is a relatively small industry by all accounts and in very recent times we’ve been able and proud be able to lend a hand to our friends at the Lutwala Dive Resort on Gili T in Indonesia.  Three years ago we were fortunate enough to experience their hospitality and enjoy diving with them, over a period of a few days we made life long friends and like everyone else were blissfully unaware of the circumstances that were about to be thrust upon them…. Only a matter of days after our stay, the island was devastated by an earthquake and subsequent Tsunami, nobody can forget the images of the thousands of people stranded on the beaches waiting to be picked up and evacuated to safer places, local people having their accommodation reduced to rubble and livelihoods decimated…. And then along comes COVID 19 and we don’t really need to go into details as to the misery brought to the islands.  Last week, and as a result of squirrelling away a few dollars here and there, we were able to donate some money to Tori and her staff at the Lutwala Dive Resort, it’s amazing what a few bucks can do for so many people who have so little.


Coming back to something a lot more positive and fun!!!  Our return to our first club social event since November 2019 forecast for August 27 has not only been overwhelmingly welcomed by club members that it is on the verge of setting a new attendance record for a SCUBA CULTURE club event!  Yes!!! We’re back on with our world-famous SCUBA CULTURE TRIVIA night where club members come together for an evening of fun, laughter and the chance to share in thousands of dollars worth of prizes sponsored by the manufacturers and brands stocked at SCUBA CULTURE.  Once again, we say THANK YOU to those companies, SCUBAPRO, TUSA, HALCYON, SHEARWATER, FOURTH ELEMENT, CRESSI, SANTI, SSI/MARES and AUP.
We still have vacancies on a couple of teams, welcome all club members and encourage them to join us, meet other divers and create new dive buddies, not to mention helping us to reach a new milestone in setting a new record for attendance at a club event and sharing in the winnings of some pretty cool dive gear, so don’t be a stranger, jump in!