February news…

In as much as the weather this Summer doesn’t quite look nor feel like Summer weather, there are no complaints coming from our end!  It’s just great to be diving again and to see so many of our divers getting out there and enjoying themselves underwater, making the most of some of the most incredible diving conditions that we’ve seen in recent times.
As far as our club dives are concerned, the rate at which these are booking up is nothing short of amazing with both shore and boat dives filling in record time regardless of what’s on offer! 
This needs to serve as a reminder that if you want to get on a club dive, you need to act fast following the receipt of emails with a phone call to the shop 98080033.  The procedure is:

  1.  Tell us which date club dive you want to do
  2. Book and pay for any hire gear you will need
  3. We will then add you the list and email you a day or 2 before the dive to confirm the exact location and time.
  4. Guided shore dives are almost always Open Water level so even if you have just finished your Open Water course with us (don’t be shy) give us a call and get diving!

Speaking with divers, the feedback coming from our guided club dives where the guiding service is free to members is truly fabulous.  We’re seeing divers, some fresh out of training gaining valuable experience from these dives as they learn from more experienced divers as well as listening to the wisdom of our professional guides and putting into practice techniques to help them with their own diving.