Diving postponed thanks to Covid 19

We are so sorry to advise that if you are booked on any dives or courses with us over the next 5 days they will not be going ahead due to the Covid 19 outbreak and subsequent “lockdown”.

If you were about to start a course this weekend, we will work to rescheduling this as soon as we are out of “Lockdown”.  We will communicate with you via email in the next week when lockdown has ended.

If you have paid for a boat dive, your funds will be held by us in credit for you and used to book a future dive.

If you have paid for hire gear, it will be held in credit for your next booking. 

If you have already picked up hire gear, if you could return it today then that would be great.  If you are unable to return it today please don’t keep it in the boot of your car. Unfortunately some thieves are quite happy to steal cars and whatever may be inside.

If you were booked onto the Deep Diver course beginning on Wednesday evening, this will need to be rescheduled also.  We will be able to tell more on Thursday when hopefully “lockdown” has ended.

If you need some SCUBA toys to play with over the next 5 days, come in and get them today, it will give you something to do and look forward to when things come back to normal.

Stay healthy and we can’t wait to take you diving again soon.