Fiji trip report

Voli Voli Beach Resort, Fiji, June 2024 – TRIP REPORT

With month 1 of a dull, grey, cold Melbourne Winter now behind us, 36 of us are looking back with smiles on our faces at the fun in the sun recently enjoyed on the Scuba Culture Fiji trip.

Once again, Voli Voli Beach Resort delivered in bucketloads with superb diving, incredible service, stunning accommodation and fabulous meals and once again, we’ve been overwhelmed with fantastic feedback from our divers and non divers alike who enjoyed the Fijian hospitality.

Credit: Liz Cameron

After 25 years of running international dive trips we’ve been able to get a feeling ahead of time as to how the trip will run, it all starts off with a thorough information session.
Step 2 is knowing that all travellers are super keen and all travellers arrive on time at the airport!  We ticked that box too…

Once through the international gate, it’s time to hurry up and wait, browse the duty free isles, and casting an eye around the place, a sense of excitement could be seen with the Instagram and Facebook posts going nuts with selfies and providing the world a minute by minute count down of the day as we neared boarding time… Even once boarded and seated, the selfie frenzy maintained a constant momentum.  Soon enough, we were up and away, on our way to sunny Fiji.  Once landed, the wait started again as we filed through like sheep meandering through the sheepyard race until processed and with our passports stamped, moving through to collect our luggage.

Finally, after gathering the crew, putting Jack and Lachy to work in assisting our travellers to the appropriate bus, we were on our way to Voli Voli Beach Resort…. The bus ride was enjoyed by some more than others, especially those who decided to sample their duty free purchase on the journey. Two hours and 45 minutes later, we finally arrived at Voli Voli Beach Resort and by this time (12.30am) we were all keen to get to our rooms to get some shut eye.
The standard of accommodation is great, divers staying at this resort for the first time were all pleasantly surprised as to the quality and cleanliness standards of the rooms.

On day one, we were able to get a 9am start on the boats as opposed to the normal 8am allowing us a little more sleep, but all divers were keen to get cracking and demonstrated that by all who were diving that day fronting up at the dive shop on time with all dive gear ready to go. 

On day 1, the diving is done at local protected sites with these dives being acclimatisation/check out dives for divers to get their buoyancy right, ensure that all cob-webs are blown out in readiness for a week of great dives.
With a group the size of this one, we were split up over 2 boats in groups of between 4 and 6 divers to a guide and over the week we were spoilt with diving sites such as Golden Dream, Amazing Maze, Purple Haze, Mellow Yellow, Why Not, Gee Six, Pot Luck, Purple Rain, Instant Replay and the stunning Black Magic Mountain. 

The days ran smoothly with Ra Divers being an incredibly well-oiled machine delivering amazing service in all areas, whether on land, on the boat or underwater.  With the two first dives completed, divers were back on Terra-Firma by about 12.30 to 1pm, it’s time for lunch, divers doing the 3 tank days would typically dine at the Ra Bar restaurant whilst the others would mostly lunch back in the main restaurant. 

The 2 tank dive days allowed those divers the ability to relax in the afternoon, enjoy a swim, a snorkel or a paddle in either the complimentary kayaks or SUP’s.

One afternoon, several of our crew decided to do the village and waterfall tour as well as visiting the grave of Fiji’s most renowned historical chief “Udre Udre” who’s occupation is described on some web sites as the world’s most prolific cannibal with a recorded consumption of 99 humans! 

As part of our package, we were all entitled to a complimentary foot massage, with several people taking it a step further at the spa and enjoying a range of pampering massages to soothe and re invigorate the aching bodies, by all reports, I’m informed that the massages and associated pampering treatments were fabulous.

One thing is for sure, and in as much as diving doesn’t appear to be a very physically demanding form of exercise, diving certainly works up an appetite and the resort restaurant knows that only too well.  The menu is top notch with food offerings to tempt every taste and served in copious quantity with the infectious smile of the attentive waiting staff in a relaxed restaurant environment with live music played in the background.  Whilst on the topic of live music, I want to acknowledge and thank Joshua (the resident musician) for inviting my son Jack to accompany him on guitar and harmonica and on several occasions literally letting Jack take over the entertainment during his breaks

Other people that I need to extend a HUGE thank you to are Ahmad for compiling a reel and allowing us to make use of that reel on our social media and web site as well as Liz and Charles for being so incredibly generous in allowing us to share their stunning underwater photos with the world via our website gallery and social media.  See photos from this trip and others at:

All too soon, it was time to leave with our group splitting up with some travelling south to Pacific Harbour whilst the rest of us returned home, leaving sunny, 27 degree Fiji to awake the next morning in Melbourne to ice on the windscreen of the car… Reality hit pretty hard!

So… It’s now been 3 weeks since our return and we’re in awe of the nature and amount of amazing feedback received from our divers following yet another hugely successful dive trip.
Going to a brilliant destination with brilliant staff providing a brilliant experience isn’t possible unless the crew taken there isn’t brilliant themselves, so… our last but not least “THANK YOU” goes out to each and every single person, diver and non-diver whom we had the pleasure of spending time with.


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