March news…..

Well… We survived yet another Dan Andrews lockdown!And it couldn’t have come at a worse time… Just when we were looking to finally catch up on just about all training that had been put back since the 2020 lockdowns, we once again were forced to re-schedule, re-shuffle, re-arrange, re-roster everything.Without getting political and standing on my soap box, the questions need to be asked!When will our state government actually get things right with the Hotel quarantine???Or is it simply unreasonable to request from those in power that an acceptable level of competency is demonstrated in the job that WE pay them to do?If these people were working in private enterprise and being judged on their work performance, they would all be unemployed by now! … But enough said about that, if I get started on this topic, this newsletter will turn into an epic novel!
Looking back on February, and further reflecting overall on Summer, we really have to ask ourselves:What happened to Summer?Although we haven’t had the heat, we’ve certainly had great diving conditions and the temperatures have made it comfortable enough as not to overheat in a wetsuit.

The inability to travel far from home has seen divers who would normally dive interstate or overseas this time of the year come back to diving locally and making the most of the dive sites and opportunities offered locally.Our club dives have just about all been full, the only times where this hasn’t happened has been due to no shows or last-minute cancellations, the only annoying part about that is that in these events if the dives are full, we preclude other divers from taking part, so, again, we ask that if you book on a dive, you please attend or provide us with a few days’ notice to enable us to offer that place to someone who would definitely be there.Further to this, we’re seeing divers make the most of local opportunities to improve and take their diving to entire new levels with specialty courses, further into this newsletter is a thorough run-down of forthcoming Specialty Training opportunities.

SCUBA CULTURE is on the move! But fear not!!! We’re staying local…. Very local in fact…. We’re moving 2 doors down!Soon, we will be in our new digs at 2/121 HIGHBURY Rd. Burwood.Although the building’s back area is drastically smaller than this one, the shopfront is about the same size but we will also have something new!OFF STREET PARKING!!!In addition to this, you can still park in exactly the same places as now (on Highbury Road, Lytton Street & Tudor Street), you just need to walk 2 doors down!

The move has already begun bit by bit with the compressor system, air and Nitrox banks to be shifted the week of the 22 March (so won’t be doing much in the way of filling that week).We forecast the bulk of the move to also happen that week and promise to do our very best to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.We will keep you updated on any changes that will affect our services to you.