November SCUBA news

With the coldest start to a November in over 30 years, anyone could be thinking that we’re slipping back to Winter!  Please Mr. Weather person don’t totally skip Spring like you did last year!

Looking at current and forthcoming events, our 2018 dive trip to SA’s freshwater mecca in April is just about full, our international calendar for 2018 is now at capacity aside from 1 twin/double bungalow left on our Gili Island trip at the resort next to Lutwala Dive Resort – Eden Cottages, however let it be known up-front that the bungalow doesn’t have hot water and there is 1 bed left in a Male twin share room on Lutwala Resort (with hot water).
Our PNG trip is full apart from a couple of places left on the trip’s extension to walk the Kokoda Track.
With us now being in a new membership year we would like to thank all those divers who have taken advantage of the recently launched CLUB 32 (unlimited 32% NITROX for the next 12 months and complimentary standard club membership) as well as all other dive club members who have renewed through to November 2018.
For those who have not renewed, we also wish to say THANK YOU for your support over the last 12 months, we hope that we can be of service again in the future.  If you have lost the renewal link it is here:

18 & 25 November & 9 December with our own Marine Biologist, guru of all things with fins and scales Dr. Kate Naughton (Get your 2017 GREAT VICTORIAN FISH COUNT FREE T-SHIRT)

For the longest human underwater chain! Register here,  $25 and a free t-shirt!

Our guest speaker was Scott Jameison, General Manager DIVERS ALERT NETWORK ASIA PACIFIC with the topic, “What is Remote?”  discussing various recent cases where divers got into trouble and weren’t able to receive appropriate care following diving mishaps.  The presentation was thought provoking with several divers booked on 2018 international travel asking the questions that need to be asked before venturing off on a dive holiday to distant lands.  The presentation also served to remind travelling divers about looking into the pitfalls of travel insurance and to ensure that precise and correct information is provided in what the policy does and doesn’t cover

Taking place on Friday 8 December with as our guest speaker, Matt Krumins, our photography instructor with a two-fold presentation.  This is a great opportunity for anyone undertaking international travel to ensure that they cover all bases when it comes to pre-trip preparation.
1: Packing and preventative maintenance for underwater photography travel
2: The launch of the ultimate underwater photography dive trip, TAWALI 2018 (PNG) with daily underwater photography workshops run by Matt.
7pm @ SCUBA CULTURE, RSVP essential

With a bit of warmth just around the corner, we’re on the verge of getting the annual last minute rush on gear servicing… Because the season has started later than usual, our statistics indicate that we’re likely to receive substantial regulator and BC servicing bookings, at the moment, on most brands and based upon the availability of service kits, the turn around time is Monday to Monday (This also included SCUBA tank hydro testing). The turnaround time for SCUBAPRO equipment however is generally shorter due to the fact that we have stocked up on service kits for most models, but again, time can get blown out should there be unusual wear or damage to the equipment requiring more attention and the shipment of additional parts.