October 2017 SCUBA news

A month into Spring and it’s been so nice to see the number 2 every now and then as the first number of the day’s forecast temperature!
People have always associated footy with Winter and now that the season has come to an end, we will see divers emerge from hibernation to come back to their sport and pastime, sadly every year we also end up hearing of accidents that happen with people taking to the oceans after the Winter period.

Sadly but factually most of these accidents are preventable by taking a few simple measures.
1: If it’s been a while since your last dive and you think that you may have forgotten important skills, get updated with a SCUBA SKILLS UPDATE, it’s not expensive and it may save your life.

2:  Some divers think that because they haven’t used their dive gear much in the last year(s) that they can get away without servicing it for another year, doing that is like playing Russian Roulette, eventually something will give way in the regulators and that’s only going to happen when you’re underwater, is that a risk that you’re prepared to take?  Just about every regulator requires annual servicing, regardless of how much or how little they have been used, divers who have done the equipment maintenance course realise this only too well after seeing the inside workings of regulators and seeing that even without use, wear happens on the High Pressure seat due to the mechanical pressure forces exerted against them.

SAVE THE DATE: December 2! And be part of the world record attempt to write Victorian divers into history with the Guinness Book of Records attempt at the longest underwater chain of divers holding hands.  Book here: