Skills protocol change, diving equipment also changes, hence the need to keep up to speed. Certification agencies recommend that divers who haven’t dived within the last 12 months undertake an update course.

Our certifications are done through Scuba Schools International, a member of the WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council). If you are not confident that your certification card is internationally recognised or your training agency no longer exists, you may wish to have an SSI Certification card issued to you following the completion of your training.

The update program takes approximately 6 hours.

  • Completion of online training prior to the theory class
  • Online reading (allow 1 hour).Class time (allow approximately 1 hour).
  • The depth – pressure and pressure – volume relationship and Boyle’s law
  • Gas spaces in the body, squeezes and blocks
  • Barotraumas, ears & lungs
  • Decompression illness, decompression theories and dive tables
  • Duration of approx 3.5 hours
  • Assembly of the scuba unit
  • The buddy system
  • Correct weighting and a buoyancy test
  • Mask clears
  • Regulator recovery
  • Octopus breathing
  • Ditch and recovery of the scuba unit
  • Out of air emergencies
  • Entries and exit procedures
  • Safe ascents and decent procedures
  • Buoyancy skills
  • Ballast ditch and retrieval
  • Disassembly of the scuba unit

You will then return to SCUBA CULTURE where you will go through the equipment maintenance component of our program. Your instructor will assist you with the appropriate entry in your log book, stamp and sign it for you as they de-brief and review your program performance. You will be required to sign off on every skill completed during each session as part of the program review.

COST: $245 per person
  • Completion of online theory training
  • Please come in at least 2 weeks prior to complete your medical questionnaire
  • A dive medical may be necessary following the completion of a medical questionnaire. A dive medical is mandatory for divers younger than 15 and older than 45 years of age and encouraged for potential divers of all ages. We can provide you with a list of suitably qualified doctors.
  • Pen and paper, your certification card, your log book, bathers, towel, mask, snorkel, boots and fins.
  • SCUBA CULTURE will supply you with wetsuit, buoyancy compensator, regulators, gauges, weight belt and a cylinder, as well as pool admission and your online theory training access.



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