Your Open Water course is made up of 3 modules:


The home study component of the theory is done at your convenience and at your own pace. It is then reviewed in a classroom session with your instructor. A guardian will need to be present and complete the consent forms and view the risk awarenes DVD.


This phase of the training takes place in the comfort of a heated pool. You will go through 6 specific key areas and skills sets that will give you the knowledge and confidence to transition successfully into the ocean. This will be achieved through repetition of these skills.


You will do 2 Open Water shore or pier dives where you will demonstrate to your instructor your ability to perform the skills learnt in the pool. (Student to instructor ratio 1:2)

Saturday: You will finish your course with 2 boat dives experiencing some of the best of Victorian diving. (Student to instructor ratio 1:2 with a maximum depth of 12mts)

COST: $1550 per person
  • The guardian and Junior OW Diver will need to come into the shop at least 2 weeks prior to the dive course start date to complete a medical questionnaire and equipment fit out.
  • A dive medical is mandatory for divers younger than 15 of age.
  • A minimum age of 13 years of age (in compliance with Australian standards) through to 14 years of age.
  • Be able to swim 200 metres and tread water for 10 minutes.
  • Internationally recognised digital certification allowing you to dive to 12 metres under the direct supervision of a dive professional or with a certified adult in environments equivalent to their training.
  • Online Open Water training package
  • Pool training
  • Shore dives x 2
  • Boat dives x 2
  • All tuition fees, pool entry fee and air fills
  • Use of wetsuits, weight belts, air cylinders, regulators, gauges and buoyancy compensator
  • Club membership to the end of the Scuba Culture year (RRP$120)

There are some things that we simply cannot provide you with, and this is more out of concern for your health & wellbeing than anything else. These include a snorkel (risk of orally transmitted diseases), a mask (to prevent fogging up divers spit in their masks, would you like to put on your face something that someone else has recently spat in?), dive boots (tinea is a nasty fungal bug that loves to jump from one person to another), gloves (dermatitis) and finally we recommend that to complete your own snorkelling kit you purchase fins. You will also need a divers’ log book, we have various options for you to choose from. All required items are available for purchase from Scuba Culture.


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