June Scuba news…



Winter has hit us with a savage arctic blast providing us with the coldest day so far this year and snow down to low altitude signifying an instant drop in dive participation on our guided club dives and seeing an overwhelming appearance of the drysuit diver ready to brave Melbourne Winter diving.
Having said that, the feedback from divers following Amy’s guided club dives of the 28th May was fabulous, close up and personal with sea dragons, nudibranchs, massive smooth rays, even one chasing a Wobbegong shark around!  All that whilst enjoying glass smooth sea conditions, stunning visibility with Amy rating this as one of her best dives – EVER!  A great introduction to Melbourne diving for a new dive club member Raphael!


Whilst on the subject of great diving at this time of the year, a bunch of SCUBA CULTURE divers recently enjoyed a dive trip aboard Mike Ball’s SPOILSPORT out of Cairns and provided us with some tremendous feedback on the dive trip accentuating the excitement level of our divers doing our Coral Sea trip in August, and the same can be said about the current crew who have just landed back from Christmas Island, Facebook nearly went into meltdown with the photos posted by some of the crew…. By all accounts, they also had an amazing time with some incredible dives. 

Whilst we’re on the subject to travel, our Fiji trip has departed for 7 days of diving the soft coral capital of the planet – The Bligh Waters from the Voli Voli Beach resort, we will do our best to keep everyone updated and jealous with the gratuitous posting and gloating of our diving and holiday experiences, soon thereafter on the back of the Fiji dive trip, the bucket list destination of the GALAPAGOS will depart with our divers extending their dive trip to visit such sites as Machu Pichu (Why not…. They’re already in South America!)

Unfortunately, and due to way too much uncertainty, our trip to the Solomon Islands has been put back to 2023, not only is there no official announcement from the government of the Solomon Islands but airlines haven’t scheduled any flights there and therefore the resort isn’t in preparedness to receive and accommodate guests. 

Guided Saturday club dives are still being run (weather permitting) and will continue to be a regular event available to our members, details of these will still be emailed weekly as per usual.  
As we move into Winter and with a drop in diving activities, SCUBA CULTURE will soon be closing on Sundays, please keep an eye on our social media and web site for updated hours. 

Our dive training calendar is now live on our web site with a variety of courses available for divers to book themselves on right through to the end of the year, some courses are already full or filling fast already, with divers taking advantage of booking early to have access to the online materials well ahead of the course, jump on the site and choose your next educational adventure now to be able to make the most of your diving over the next Summer. Have a look here: https://www.scubaculture.com.au/learn-to-dive/dive-course-calendar/   

DIVE OZ 2022:

A reminder to set aside the 1 & 2 October for the be all and end all of Australian Dive expos to be held a “Jeffs Shed”, featuring some keynote guest speakers, a photography exhibition, competitions and the latest and greatest in dive gear, this expo will have it all!
As always, many of the events held at this event fill early and it’s a great idea to jump on and grab your tickets of choice early, all you need to do is to scan the QR code and follow the prompts/links to the booking platform, don’t be disappointed by missing out, act now and secure your tickets now!