August SCUBA update

As a small family business, we’ve been belted from pillar to post since the original shut down back in March, but with the support of our divers and our main partner brand SCUBAPRO, we sailed through the rough waters and made it through lockdown 1.0.  So now we’re in lockdown 2.0, with somewhat more savage and demanding restrictions but we want to reassure our loyal club members and customers at large that we will still be here when times get better.

Diving is a passion that we all share, regardless of your level of qualification, how much diving you do, or what gear you use, when it comes down to it, diving is the great leveller – we’re all the same underwater… We all have our own reasons for diving, some people love the social interaction, some love the challenges, some are looking for that one magic photo, some just love that sense of belonging to a club (we’ve even got non divers who just love hanging around with divers) others get pleasure from sharing the passion through educating divers to take that next step, and whatever your reason for diving, we love having you as part of our SCUBA CULTURE community.

Our online shop is still operational and we are still able to pack and post orders to you.

At the moment, we can’t do much as far as providing you with diving opportunities (in fact, we just about can’t do anything!), so we’re going to use that time to work on our online presence, , to look at where and how we’ll be able to bring you more variety in product lines, dive travel opportunities and brands at competitive prices.  Can’t wait to see you all in Spring.