March diving update

The month of February really turned it on for the diving community weather wise and that was certainly reflected in the amount of divers participating on our club dives and training.

It was great to see divers who hadn’t dived for a while get back into it with good numbers on our SCUBA SKILLS UPDATE programs as well as a lot of people trying out SCUBA for the first time.

The long range weather forecast indicates that warm weather is likely to stay well through into the month of May, and that current water temperatures are likely to hold up right through to the end of March. (BOM forecasts)

So with that in mind, it’s not the time to even think about the fact that we’ve swung into Autumn and that the suit should be washed, dried, sprinkled with talcum powder and hung until next season.  Autumn brings us warm days, cool nights and very little wind (unlike Spring!) and produces some of the best bay dives ever (apart from Easter where the tides are HUGE and visibility is often but not always trashed simply due to the tidal movement, not to mention the swell… The Bell’s beach surfing competition doesn’t happen over Easter for no reason such as – lack of swell!).  But that only affects 4 days on the entire season, and if the winds happen to be Northerly, the top end of the bay is often picture perfect for a dip!

Great news!!!  We’re not sure how long this will last, but SCUBAPRO prices have come tumbling down at SCUBA CULTURE, now’s the time to grab your set of regulators or BC or dive computer!!!  Savings offered are way beyond anything else previously offered!