February SCUBA news

Recently back from Kangaroo Island and all fired up for what we hope will be a long Summer with brilliant diving opportunities.

Recently spending time with a great bunch of SCUBA CULTURE divers at Kangaroo Island really makes me think about how lucky I am to do what I do for a living.  Being able to see and dive some of the best places in the world in the company of likeminded people who are all there to have fun.

Kangaroo Island has to be the hidden jewel in the crown of diving in Australia, the one place on the planet that’s at the junction of 3 oceans and 2 gulfs where the movement of water around the coastline is massive, yet quite gentle bringing nutrients that provide one of the most healthy marine environments anywhere.

In fact, one thing commented on by our divers was how clean the beaches and oceans were…. Just think, no bits of plastic, no plastic bags, no fishing lines or broken glass… Just clean water abundant with marine life.  Whilst on the subject of marine life, the photography enthusiasts were well catered for with sightings of Leafy Sea dragons, Dolphins, Nudibranchs, schooling Australian Salmon, Crayfish, and copious amounts of temperate species such as Herring Cale, Dusky Moorwongs, & Southern Blue Grouper just to name a few.

The island is also very exciting top-side with local produce of unrivalled quality, wines, spirits, honey, cider, cheese as well as other unique gourmet produce.

Back to reality…