November news!

FREEDOM…. Clearly something that we’ve taken for granted for far too long!  As they say “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” and certainly coming out of this last 7 day lockdown that translated into 77 days we all breathed a sigh of relief.

From our end, we loved seeing our dive club members again, book them on dives, filling their tanks, and just being the human social animals that we are and just having a chat. 

As we move to our “new found freedom” and are looking to go diving, it’s obvious that the gods of weather have taken a leaf out to the Dan Andrews book with the ability to put a serious dampener on things, and I don’t use the word dampener loosely!  HOW ABOUT THAT RAIN HEY!!!  The rainfall has certainly played havoc with visibility due to the storm water run off into the bay, but we’d all rather have bad viz and be free than great viz and be locked up! 

Since coming out of lockdown we have to say that we’re over the moon with our club dives and the number of divers joining us to “blow off the cobwebs”, run through skills, get back in tune with their camera, and just getting wet… The feedback from many divers has been great, most have commented on how good it’s been to be getting back in the water in the company of a professional dive guide / instructor who have been there to assist divers with buoyancy, gear set up and basic skills…  That’s just another thing about our club membership, the knowledge and peace of mind that the person in charge of the dive is there not only to show you a good time but they’re there to help and assist you and that is the difference between our dive club and those who use either “Volunteers”or un-paid Dive masters under the pretext that they’re serving their “apprenticeship time”- Our staff are paid for their work, this ensures that they’re answerable for a certain level of performance and are there to help you should you need help. 

The crap weather can’t and won’t last forever and with the turn of the season moving into Summer, we’re getting closer to warmer weather and warmer water temperatures!  So with that in mind, we’ve begun gearing up for the season and what we hope to be a busy one.  At the moment, you’ll find a massive range of products in store with some items going out with amazing discounts…

You will also find our entire range of SCUBAPRO Everflex 1.5mm garments at 50% off (Mens and ladies long sleeve tops and pants as well as ladies short sleeve tops) – Super popular for the tropics or if used as an undergarment in the colder months.  We have a huge range of SCUBAPRO Mask, Snorkel, Fin combo, all packaged up in mesh carry bags, some of these well in excess of 50% off, a perfect Xmas present for the would be snorkeller or tropical diver.  We’ve just landed another shipment of Scuba cylinders, these have absolutely walked out the door with only 5 x 12lt and 2 x 10lt left! 

Aside from that we have a great range of MARES torches and all sorts of cool gadgets for all divers to fill Xmas stockings with.