January SCUBA news

It took a long time to get here but finally, Summer’s arrived and with it some fantastic diving conditions for all to enjoy!  In as much as it would be nice to have some gentle consistency without weather extremes, the warm to hot days are welcomed!
Interesting to note that right up to December 18, our bay water temperature was hovering at or around a cool 16 degrees, we then had a day where the mercury jumped straight to 44 and that immediately increased the bay’s temperatures to 18 degrees.  We’re now seeing divers getting out of their drysuits and back into the wetsuits and enjoying actually getting wet!
This should therefore be a timely reminder to all those drysuit divers to ensure that the drysuits are now stored appropriately and in some instances, that the drysuits need to be serviced according to manufacturer specifications.
So now, we begin to look to 2020 and the events on the SCUBA CULTURE calendar, starting with a couple of A class club nights with great guest speakers.