Freediving Basics course

So you’d like to give FREEDIVING a go without having to lash out on a heap of new toys?  Easy!! You can do the FREEDIVING Basics course using your current Scuba mask, snorkel, fins and boots!  Some of the FREEDIVING techniques taught will dramatically impact on your actual SCUBA DIVING with a more relaxed and effective breathing pattern that makes better use of the inhaled air/oxygen than your current breathing.
This course comprises of a little bit of online theory, a short class session the morning of 1 December 2018 followed by a breathing and stretching class prior to entering the water at the pool for a few hours of static and dynamic tuition with our very own FREEDIVING Instructor, Chris Simmonds.
FREEDIVING is fun, challenging but yet relaxing, and beneficial to you on those surface intervals to still be able to make the most of your snorkelling equipment and time on those international holidays when you just can’t get out of the water!
Give it a go!  See and learn as you have fun and use that experience to decide for yourself if you want to take the training further to LEVEL 1 down the track where Chris can have you dive 20mts deep on 1 breath with no tank on your back!
Drop us a line for information and a booking form.