Scuba updates & Product recall

We’ve got all the info for you, right from the horse’s mouth!

Friday 29 June, 7pm, come in and meet Simon Doughty, GM at Fiji’s #1 dive resort – Voli Voli Beach resort!  This presentation will open your eyes at dive travel alternatives that are available to you via our relationship with Voli Voli as an individual, a family or as part of a SCUBA CULTURE dive group!
You really have to see this place to believe it!
The diving, the boats, the accommodation, the resort facilities, the restaurants and bars… this place sets a new standard as far as Fiji is concerned.
We’d love to have you along, please shoot us an RSVP if wishing to attend – nibble provided!


Ladies only….  (sorry fellas!) Introducing the new 1.5mm ladies dive tops throwing colour into the mix, SCUBAPRO has set a new benchmark in quality and comfort dive wear.  Available in both long and short sleeve, these tops are easy to get into and out off with a front zip.  available right now by special order (allow 2 days delivery) or in stock as part of our range later this year.


Our ever popular marine biologist, Dr. Kate is running this Saturday’s club dives!  Only 2 vacancies left for divers wanting to learn and enjoy an immersive experience with the best in the business!


Do you own either an Oceanic or Hollis first stage diaphragm regulator?  If so, you need to stop diving with it immediately and visit or to see if yours is part of the recall immediately