April news

March 2018 will certainly go down in history as a month that threw up some challenges for our divers and dive training calendar with wholesale cancellations and deferrals to other dates left right and centre!
An early Easter moon cycle also witnessed the Spider Crab migration into the Bay a lot earlier that what we’ve been accustomed to and true to form, one minute they’re all over the place, 10 crabs deep as far as visibility allows and the next minute, they’ve disappeared!
The month of April so far is giving us that quintessential beautiful Autumn weather with calm seas, light winds and great viz outside the heads giving boat divers some top quality dives, additionally, our mild weather has only seen a very slight drop of 1 degree in water temperatures!

We have heaps of free guided shore dives scheduled for April for our dive club members, so keep an eye out for our events.