August SCUBA news

EXCITING NEWS!  We are launching a fabulous little dive trip this week for June 2018 to the Gilli Islands for the budget conscious traveller wanting a great week-long dive holiday around the $2000 mark!  Keep an eye out for the information flyer and for the information night coming up on 1 September 2017.

And when you thought we were done with all the EXCITING NEWS, we have more!!! Our long awaited compressor system is being installed, setting us up for an incredible start to Spring and the forthcoming warmer weather.
This system will be a “Game Changer”.  Scuba Culture will be the first Victorian dive facility with a turn-key NITROX membrane system, banking NITROX 32.

So what does it mean for you?  Because this system will be literally manufacturing its own EANx and storing it at 32% O2 partial pressure, divers will be able to access this without the expense of having to have their cylinders, valves and regulators O2 cleaned, this is an annual saving of $125 alone on tank and valve – a lot more for regs depending on the brand!
Divers diving on NITROX know only too well the benefits of oxygen enriched air.  They can dive for longer, they can do more dives per day, they can have shorter surface intervals, they don’t have that “washed out”  feeling that divers using air have after a dive, they dramatically reduce the chances of DCI and they dramatically reduce the hit of Nitrogen Narcosis encountered at depth.
Dive medical authorities will also tell you that if you’re over the age of 40 and not diving on NITROX you have rocks in your head – basically, the rationale behind that revolves around the fact that people 40 + don’t have the cardiovascular system that someone of the age of 20 or 30 possesses, and hence metabolise gases differently.
Coinciding with the installation of the system later this month, another major announcement will be made, we are keeping the details close to our heart at the moment, you’ll just have to keep checking your email!