Your online digital theory has already been completed as part of the SSI Wreck Diver course (external survey)
• Additional land drills session (use of reel, laying static guide line, lost line procedure, lost buddy, out-of-gas diver and sharing air, light skills) – 1 evening class
• Skills shore dive – Actually laying line, doing tie-offs, working through procedures and protocols associated with entanglements in an overhead environment
• 2 boat dives (penetrating and being taught and assessed on running lines into a wreck)
• Handling situations that can arise such as out of air diver
• Overhead environment and confined space communication techniques

• Controlled descent on a wreck
• Surveying the wreck entry and exit point(s)
• Buoyancy and finning technique
• Practice in laying a static guideline & lost line procedure and assessment
• Practical assessment of buoyancy control, laying and tying off your line
• Ascent and SMB deployment
• 1 practical dry land skills session, 1 skills shore dive and 2 boat dives

COST: $495


  • Open Water diver certification
  • SSI Wreck Diver (external survey), SSI Deep diver & Perfect Buoyancy certifications, due to the nature of dives required
  • Online Advanced Wreck diver materials (included with SSI Wreck Diver)
  • Tanks and air
  • Boat dives x 2
  • Wetnotes, SMB and Spool, cave reel (minimum 60 metres)
  • Redundant air supply ($50 weekend rate)
  • Balanced regulators with long hose on primary second stage, dive computer, wetsuit/drysuit, lead, basic snorkelling equipment (Mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gloves) (no split fins)
  • Primary and secondary torches (speak to our Wreck instructors for specifications).  Canister or Goodman handle mountable
  • Log book


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