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A lot of divers have never heard of the acronym GUE – it stands for Global Underwater Explorers.  The GUE system has been a global driving force in diver education for many years, not teaching people to dive but teaching divers to dive better, safer and more comfortably.
Knowing what GUE can offer you as a diver will enable you to make a decision as to where your diving takes you, what new opportunities are now within your reach. 
Many of you may have come into contact with our instructor Shane Callaway over the years by Shane having taught your SSI Perfect Buoyancy course where you have had a glimpse and a taste of what it takes to become more comfortable, more confident and happier in the water, this is now your chance to take that training to new levels.

In September, we will host an incredible opportunity for divers to jump on a GUE course with the added bonus of have arguably one of the world’s top GUE instructor – Gideon Liew, co-teaching with Shane, the GUE Fundamentals Course, the entry level program that will instantaneously change your diving forever!
Come and hear all about it Wednesday 19 July at 6.30pm at SCUBA CULTURE.
Please send through an RSVP to info@scubaculture.com.au 





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19 July, 2023 @ 6:30 pm 9:00 pm


Scuba Culture