This course is very much YOUR COURSE, designed to accommodate YOUR NEEDS and YOUR TIMETABLE. You will have your own personal instructor available to help you become certified as Open Water divers.

Another added bonus about learning to dive with SCUBA CULTURE is that you instantly receive free club membership to the end of the Scuba Culture year. Membership entitles you to all sorts of benefits.

Your Open Water course is made up of 3 modules:


The home study component of the theory is done online, at your convenience, and at your pace. It is then reviewed in a classroom environment with your Instructor.


This is the most important part of your dive course where you will be taught all the skills you need to master in order to become a scuba diver, in the safety and comfort of a heated pool. This session takes a full day. This phase of the training must coincide with our existing pool training schedule (usually over a weekend).


You will then complete 2 open water shore dives where you will demonstrate to your instructor your ability to perform the skills learnt in the pool. On another day you will finish your course with 2 boat dives experiencing the best of Victorian diving.

COST: $1495.00 per person
  • You will need to complete a “Medical Statement” at Scuba Culture prior to your course, this will indicate whether you need to complete a “Dive Medical”.
    You will need to undergo a dive medical if you are over 45 years of age or under 15 years of age. We can provide you with a list of suitably qualified doctors, you also need to be able to swim and tread water for 10 minutes.
  • Online Open Water training package
  • Digital certification (valid & recognised world-wide) as proof of best practice education
  • All tuition fees & pool entry fee
  • Boat dives
  • Air fills
  • Use of the latest scuba equipment; including wetsuits, weight belts, air cylinders, regulators with gauges, and buoyancy compensators.

There are some things that we simply cannot provide you with, and this is more out of concern for your health & wellbeing than anything else. These include a snorkel (risk of orally transmitted diseases), a mask (to prevent fogging up divers spit in their masks, would you like to put on your face something that someone else has recently spat in?), dive boots (tinea is a nasty fungal bug that loves to jump from one person to another), gloves (dermatitis) and finally we recommend that to complete your own snorkelling kit you purchase fins. You will also need a divers’ log book, we have various options for you to choose from. These are all available for purchase from our shop at Scuba Culture.


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