The best part about an SSI Advanced Open Water certification is that you can tailor your training to suit your needs and interests.

Choose any 4 of the below specialties, log 24 dives and you’re an Advanced Open Water diver. It’s as easy as that!

Click on the links below to learn more about each individual specialty.

All our programs are based upon a framework of quality education with lots of in water time and lots of instructor student contact. Your diving ability and confidence will receive a major boost by the time you have finished all these programs. Upon completion of each individual module we will affix to your current certification card a specialty sticker recognising your efforts and achievements.

Due to the nature of the ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER award, and the various individual modules that go to making up the certification, you are able to select programs that suit your timetable, lifestyle and budget. Once again SCUBA CULTURE leads the way in quality diver education with more time in the water than any other provider. Once you have completed 4 modules and logged 24 dives, you will then receive your Advanced Open Water diver certification card with the various specialties printed on it.


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