October SCUBA news ….

October Scuba news…..
A month into Spring and the water temperature has already taken an upwards turn! September 2022 has been and gone, and what a month it was!!! No bigger news on the scale of NEWS than the passing of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, closely followed by Sydney getting their backsides kicked in the grand final??? (I’m told that Mick has locked himself in his cellar and is refilling his drunken bottles of wine with his own tears).
Moving onto the important stuff…. October 1 & 2 kicked off the month in style with the OzDive 2022 expo incorporating what was once known as OzTek but broadening its horizons to welcome and include divers that aren’t “Techies” along with “Would be” divers, the spread and diversity of stands and exhibitors has shown that the dive industry is on a post Covid rebound, nevertheless, a good move to see an industry that sees a light at the end of the tunnel and a bright strong future for the sport of recreational diving.
We absolutely loved seeing so many club members visit the show and congratulate the winners of entry tickets, Mark Jenkin, Ali Morrow, Monica Tewman, Dan Carroll, Paul Williams and Dave Pashen on the Sunday morning give away. A couple of additional winners from competitions run through the show – Liz Cameron with a RedBoats voucher and Sam Oetinger with a Halcyon Carbon Fibre Custom Black traveller pro system.