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Christmas island cave

May 2022 Dive Club Newsletter.

Talk about going straight from a pleasant Autumn to raging Winter!!!   Once again Mother nature comes in and shows us who’s boss with an arctic blast that signals to us the start of what is predicted to be a cold and wet Winter!  Isn’t time for La Niña’ to pack up the bags and go???

The roller coaster of trying to get courses finished carries on, again, this weekend, we’ve been smashed with the inability to get done what we need to get done as a result of large swells, strong winds, rough seas and poor viz.  But what we’re seeing is a swing back to pre-pandemic trends with people getting away in their droves and making the most of new found freedoms.
We’re just about to send off our first group of dive holiday makers to Christmas Island, in less than 3 weeks time, no sooner are they back that another group heads to Fiji and hot on the heels of their return, trip number 3 heads off to the Galapagos, a little break to get over the jet lag and off we go again to the Coral sea and we’ll finish off at the end of August with a trip to the Solomon Islands (hopefully)…. This will see out Winter as we gear up for next season, hopefully a season with better weather than the last few months…

What an awesome evening!  It was so pleasing to see such a turnout of dive club members join in the fun as we brought back a hugely popular dive club event with the SCUBA CULTURE trivia night.  Although we lost 12 people in the last 24 hours from the numbers as a result of one thing or another, a turnout of 50 people is still an incredibly well supported event.  We have to acknowledge the wonderful job done by the crew of the Tower Hotel, the top job done by our staff to keep things flowing and a huge thank you to our sponsors for the prizes won on the night!  Hopefully we can bring this back to being an annual regular event again and not wait 3 years until the next one again!


DIVE OZ SCUBA EXPO – Incorporating OzTek

Another event coming back following Covid is Australia’s own Scuba expo and for the first one to be held in Melbourne at Jeff’s Shed on 1 and 2 October 2022.  We’re very much looking forward to exhibiting there alongside Scubapro right near the front door!  The expo usually also features special guest speakers from all areas of the dive industry, their presentations are all ticketed with allocated seating, we will let everyone know as soon as the speaker list is available and facilitate access to ticket purchases as soon as that information is at hand as well. Given that this event is traditionally held in Sydney, we would encourage all Victorian divers to make the most of the local event and attend.


We will soon be moving to our Winter operating hours, the shop will be closed over Winter on Sundays as of the 12 June and club dives have been backed off to a single dive group of a maximum of 8 divers per outing.  Numbers on these dives are dropping as per expected with a drop in water temperatures.  Divers need to remember that being warm underwater is proportionate to what you’re wearing, typically at the moment it’s time to layer up with undergarments if diving wet in order to create that extra barrier between skin and water and to conserve warmth.  Divers in drysuits should now be looking to move to heavier and thicker winter weight undergarments and some divers may now simply be looking to make the move and retire the wetsuit in favour for a drysuit.

For a limited time, SCUBAPRO are working with selected Platinum Dealers on a promotion that will see SCUBAPRO pay for your DRYSUIT dive course (RRP: $355 – theory, pool and a dive) when you purchase an Evertech Drysuit, so you’re not just buying something that keeps you warm and diving through the colder months, you’re also gaining the required knowledge to dive in it, look after it, as well as yet another specialty accreditation towards your ADVANCED or MASTER DIVER status.

For some divers, Winter signifies the retirement of dive gear and the dusting off of snow sport equipment, and in doing so, it becomes crucial that your dive gear is stowed properly, but before you rush to the cupboard looking for moth balls, we strongly advise that you get your dive gear serviced, leaving the servicing to when things start to warm up again isn’t a good idea.  For example, if gear is stowed with the internal components of second stage regulators wet, there is a strong chance that mould will form and occur creating an unsafe air source to breathe from in the future.   If salt residue remains in or on the regs, salt will damage surfaces permanently.  If the inside of a BC bladder doesn’t get a good once over in stripping out salt crystals that build up in the seams, the bladder of the BC will be on the way out.  In recent times, we’ve serviced dive gear that hadn’t been either washed and dried properly or stowed properly since prior to Covid, meaning that some of this gear has been sitting there for over 2 and close to 3 years, un-serviced and unused.  Luckily for those who dive in the more “HIGH END”  brands, damage has been superficial and mainly cosmetic (aside from mould on the inside of the regs) – other lesser brands have had to be retired altogether due to the cost of repairing being greater than the cost of replacing.  So please don’t take a chance, look after the gear that looks after you when underwater.


Back on January 22 2022, we published on our Facebook page a product review done by our instructor Mick Meer on the new, forthcoming SCUBAPRO SUPER NOVA fin, this product will be globally launched by SCUBAPRO later this month, so the write up is well worth while reading. Stock of the SUPER NOVA is set to arrive at Scuba Culture the week of the 9th of May.


Ben and I are currently working on setting up a time table of “ONE DAY” sessions purely designed to sharpen some skills.  At the moment, we’re looking to provide workshops on launching SMB’s, honing in buoyancy skills, re-visiting compass usage, diver rescue and assistance to name a few.  These workshops will be totally targeted at divers who have done the courses in the past but who may have become rusty, these workshops as such are not a replacement to actual courses and training but purely there to refresh and up-skill divers.  These will be exclusively offered to club members.  Hopefully, we will have a start up timetable available in the next week or 2.