September SCUBA update

These days any opportunity to celebrate anything is a good opportunity!  We can now actually celebrate the welcoming of Spring 2020 and look forward in hope that the shackles of stage 4 restrictions will be lifted allowing life to resume with some normality.  What “normality” will look like is anybody’s guess but one thing is for sure is that we’re super keen to re-open the doors welcoming back our divers, going back to providing you with the fun, social diving opportunities that you’ve become accustomed to being part off.
From a dive business perspective the recent weeks have dragged on agonisingly slow and have been rather testing, but the positive side of this has been that people have realised that for the foreseeable future, travel opportunities and adventure experiences are going to be impacted.  This has translated into a positive level of interest in people taking up the sport with training opportunity enquiries.
Looking back at the last lot of relaxation of restrictions, we were surprised at the volume of participation on club dives in the middle of Winter, and, additionally also surprised at the amount of people emerging from the last lockdown wanting to dive but not being prepared and ready to dive as a result of not having had regulators, buoyancy compensators serviced and tanks hydro tested.  This did create some disappointment in divers who weren’t able to get cylinders filled and/or had issues with regulator and BC function, so we urge those of you who have gear due for service to think about getting it done as soon as restrictions are lifted and not to wait until the last minute and we encourage you to reach out to us to arrange the booking in of your equipment.

Throughout this lockdown, we’ve been working to stay engaged with you with regular Scuba Culture “Dive Pro Profiles” on our Facebook page and have been buoyed by the amount of engagement and comments made from our club members about our beloved crew members, the success of these posts will see more profiles being published over the coming weeks.
With regards to the resumption of training, we know as much as you do… We will work very hard to wipe out the backlog of training as fast as we possibly can and will communicate by email to all divers booked on forthcoming courses. 
Let’s all stay positive, not much longer to go!