SCUBA things to do for the young (& young at heart)

Kids, teenagers or young at heart stuck at home?  Here are some online / in-house activities to keep them connected with diving.   


Go to “Team Scubapro Australia” on Facebook and enter the competition to win a Scubapro Synergy Twin Lens Mask and Spectra Snorkel of your choice of colour.  All you have to do is draw your best Scubapro Diver.  One set given away each day!


Probably more suitable for ages 11 and under, these activities will keep primary school aged kids entertained and learning about the shores and ocean:

Marine activities:

Learn about the Weedy Sea Dragon:

Learn how to tie knots!  Often used when we are fishing or camping, start practising now for when we are allowed out into the great outdoors again!


Let’s face it -there’s not much else they can do!  If you want them to get some ocean action this could be the only way at the moment.  If you already pay for “Game Pass” on Xbox for your kids, this is one of the games that they can access for free.

Subnautica is an underwater adventure game set on an alien ocean planet. A massive, open world full of wonder and peril awaits you. 

I’m no expert on online gaming but it appears to be played by people that are around 14 years and over.  Check out the preview at:


Log into your SSI app or profile on your laptop.  You may find that there are quite a few free or “preview” courses that you can complete.  One in particular is the “Blue Oceans” program.  go to “Programs”, click on ” Blue Oceans”.  Begin your free course.

While you are in the SSI app why not update your dive log?  Perhaps you have been keeping a paper log book?  Perhaps you have been a little remiss in logging your dives?  Either way, in order to obtain your “Master Diver” status with SSI (yes you get recognition and a free certification card!) the dives need to be logged in your app and verified by Scuba Culture.  Get yourself up to date now and be ready for Spring / Summer diving!


Why not dive into a history lesson and see how SCUBA was conducted in the early days?  Jacques Couteau movies show the ingenuity of divers decades ago and their lust for discovering what lies beneath.  Go to: . It’s interesting to see how things have changed.  Perhaps follow that up with modern day SCUBA technology and compare the latest SCUBA computer by watching:  I bet Jacques wishes he had this 60 years ago!