Results of our Kangaroo Island Bushfire Relief Fundraising day.

A huge shout out and thank you to so many people for how they jumped in to support our BUSHFIRE RELIEF FUNDRAISER for Kangaroo Island:

1: Sea Dragon and the crew from SCUBABO #scubabo for your support with the vessel and the crew, you guys were instrumental in bringing this together where we raised $1800

2: Brett Blackwell #brettblackwell and the crew from SCUBAPRO #teamscubaproaustralia for donating the major auction item  – A SCUBAPRO Cape Horn Drysuit for $2200, such an instrumental part of today’s success

3: The tally of the auction is in:
$2766 as a total from various auction items

Thank you to RedBoats #RedBoats #lukeenglish for the 3 dive vouchers, the rest of the items were supplied by SCUBA CULTURE themselves along with the BBQ.
Aside from that, a further $110 was raise by Jack whilst busking some cool tunes in the shop!
On top of this an additional $180 came by way of cash donations as well as a further $160 by means of hired gear

Today we raised a total of $5,016!

We must also make mention of the contribution to the event by our amazing crew who volunteered their time to guide divers underwater, thank you guys!
From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for your support in helping people who are in need.