February SCUBA news

The unpredictability of our weather continues to play havoc with divers whether at dive sites with wholesale chops and changes from charter operators, sites getting blown out and viz being affected with storm water run-off.
Luckily for us and “touch wood” so far so good with minimal impact on our scheduled club activities and courses with both sides seeing record numbers taking up the sport and strong participation by club members on club events. 
The recent bushfires that hit Southern Australia certainly took their toll on human life and wildlife, and the small community of Kangaroo Island is still reeling at the effects of the devastation that blackened it’s landscape a few weeks ago.  It has been very heartening and humbling to see the SCUBA CULTURE dive club community rally around our fundraising event so rapidly and to make it such a success.
We’re immediately indebted to SEA DRAGON for their generosity in providing the boat and crew, SCUBA CULTURE is footing the bill for the fuel cost, additionally, we’ve put on a BBQ for those attending the dive and an auction to raise as much as we possibly can raise.  We must also immediately acknowledge the generosity of our partner SCUBAPRO in providing us with a $2750 CAPE HORN drysuit as an auction item.  24 hours ago we listed the auction items on our CLOSED MEMBERS FACEBOOK PAGE and within minutes, we were getting bids.
We’ve also taken on board a suggestion from our instructor Katie Grant to offer a Vegan alternative at the BBQ in recognition of the amount of animals that perished in the fires, their lives matter as well.
Again, we wish to remind current club members that the CLOSED MEMBERS FACEBOOK PAGE has been created to provide a forum for members to communicate and plan and organise dives outside of what we offer. 
Please keep and eye on our regular weekly email broadcasts advertising our club dives and try to book well ahead of time if you can.  At the moment, we’re doing our very best to provide you with at least a month’s notice up-front of all our club events, in some instances dives are filling up to 2 weeks ahead of the event, so, to avoid missing out, it is a good idea to plan well ahead of time.