September scuba news

The best news in 3 months! WINTER is finally over!!!
We love anything to do with recycling and none better than seeing the snow melt, make its’ way to the creeks and rivers and end up in the ocean where it finally comes to good use allowing us to dive in it!
As we put this newsletter out to our dive club, we also wish a bunch of lucky holiday makers Bon Voyage and happy diving, led by our instructor Alasdair Farrell, as they jet off for a week of amazing diving in Vanuatu, diving Espiritu Santo’s WWII wreck of the SS President Coolidge, Million Dollar point and other local hot spots.  May they have an awesome time enjoying the hospitality of the Aore Beach Resort and return safely with lots of stories and photos from their holiday!
September fills us with joy as the Antarctic current that blasts its way up the west coast of Tassie relinquishes its persistent annoyance in favour for the Australian Eastern current that will see our aquatic playgrounds begin to warm up again, having said that, September is renowned for its frustrating strong winds and wind direction changes that happen without any notification, hence we can expect planned dives to change with little notice, but we’re used to it, September comes around every year!