May SCUBA news

Only one month to go until the official start of Winter!
None more so that on our recent dive trip across to S.A.’s Mount Gambier region where we dived the stunning sites of Kilsby’s Sinkhole and Ewen’s Ponds with a group of 12 of our dedicated club members all intent on having a great time diving and making the most of our regular chauffeured winery tour and lunch in the Coonawarra region.
It so happened that the very weekend when we were diving in S.A, the Victorian coastline was getting battered with record size swells of between 10 and 20mts, with all dives cancelled, unless of course you know the bay like we know the bay, and successfully dived a group at Rye pier.  Having said that and just to rub it in a bit, the crew diving Rye had about 4 to 5mts viz whilst the S.A crew enjoyed the full length of pond 1 at Ewens with a crystal clear 100mts!


Aside from that, the month of April kept on keeping on with another great Open Water course welcoming new divers to the SUBA CULTURE dive club and family, we also saw a lot of divers taking their diving skills to the next level with a full Perfect Buoyancy course as well as divers leaving the underwater sheep family and picking up valuable skills with the completion of the Navigation course whilst others got converted to “THE GOOD GAS”  by getting qualified as Nitrox divers.

Looking ahead to the month of May, we kicked it off in style with a HUGE club night hosting the Victorian Water police on 4 May, next we will have the PALAU dive crew trip briefing 23 May, and the re-scheduling of our March club night with Kade Mills as our guest speaker with an incredible presentation on the effects of local marine pests on our local ecosystem.