March 2019 DIVE CLUB News

For the first time in a very long time the gods of weather were so nasty to us that we had to cancel a dive! And as Murphy’s law would have it, it was the one day where I was to get in the water to finalise Brett T’s Dive Guide accreditation!
But aside from that, the diving conditions have been magnificent with divers turning out in record numbers, week in – week out.

What is also interesting to see is the follow up participation from newly certified divers coming out for a club dive and many understanding that their diving needs to be taken to a new level is going to be improved by undertaking some follow up training especially Perfect Buoyancy and Navigation soon after their Open Water course.
Our last 2 club nights have also been very well supported with our International Travel Showcase with Ian Lockwood from Allways Dive Expeditions back on 1 February with over to 50 club members in attendance as well as our most recent event when we hosted 2 officers from Fisheries Victoria and again had a turn out of 45 divers tuned into the presentation and asking a lot of questions and keeping these officers engaged for over two hours from what was forecast to be a one hour presentation!
STRESS & RESCUE: Online theory and your theory class session at 6.30pm 21 March followed by pool training 23 March and practical ocean training 24 March.
Instructor: Mick Meer (2 vacancies left)

NITROX: Club member special! Only $100. Online training and your theory and prac class at 6.30pm on 4 April. instructor: Xavier (6 vacancies left)

NAVIGATION: Online theory and your theory class session at 6.30pm 5 April followed by your dives 6 April. instructor: Mick Meer (3 vacancies left)

PERFECT BUOYANCY: Online theory and your theory class session at 6.30pm 11 April followed by your in-water training 13 April. Your instructor: Shane Callaway (3 vacancies left)

DEEP & WRECK Specialty bundle: Online theory followed by the WRECK theory class at 6.30pm 15 May and DEEP theory class at 6.30pm 16 May, DEEP dives on WRECKS 25 & 26 May
Instructor: Al Farrell (1 vacancy left)

To book on any of the above courses just go to:

Wed 20 March: Mid Week boat dives, Exploratory reef site and RIP Bank
Sat 23 March: Club dives with San
Sat 30 March: Double boat dives with DB
Sat 6 April – Guided shore dives
Sat 13 April – Guided shore dives
Wed 17 April – Double guided boat dives