October news

With the footy season over and 4 days this week in the 20’s things are looking up for diving!
Diving has benefited from a lack of rain over Winter providing divers with amazing visibility at many dive sites, with windy conditions however often being the factor behind boat dive cancellations. Having said that, our club shore and pier dives have consistently been well supported throughout Winter. That’s the great thing about being on a bay, there’s always somewhere sheltered and knowledge of the bay and diving conditions has seen SCUBA CULTURE club members consistently diving in good conditions and often being the only ones at some of the dive sites.

The popularity of our Facebook page has also played a part in keeping divers connected and diving, with some awesome photos being shared regularly. An avid contributor of photos is our very own “Scooby” Ken. Ken’s photography has continuously and consistently improved since using techniques taught by our underwater photography instructor extraordinaire Matt Krumins and proof of that can be seen by simply looking at photos taken by Ken 12 months ago and the photos that he’s taking now.

Spring typically gets hibernating divers starting to think about getting back in the water, dive gear comes out of storage tubs, and often regulators again see daylight for the first time in months and with the first signs of warmth, decisions are made to hit the water. In come tanks that are out of test and regulators that are overdue for service needing to be reinstated back into diving readiness yesterday! AAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHH – Take a breath, smile and relax in the knowledge of the fact that if you’re a current member, you can use our hire gear at no charge on any of our club dives whilst yours is being serviced and tested, but please don’t wait until the last minute to get your gear serviced and tanks tested.

Whilst on the subject of tanks, we only have 2 left from our recent pallet and with the Aussie $ still low, prices on our next shipment are bound to increase.
Also please remember that whether you dive once or 100 times a year, wear still happens inside your regulators, specifically on the high pressure seat inside the first stage, and hence the requirement for annual servicing.