September news

Finally it’s over! We’ve seen the back end of Winter!!! WHOOOOHOOOOOO.  But it sure went out with a BANG with the coldest back to back mornings for 60 years!
Hopefully Spring brings us warmth and sunshine, no wind and calm seas…
Certainly a couple of recent sunny days over the weekend before last got people thinking diving again with some signs of the annual Melbourne diver hibernation coming to an end.
The tell-tale signs of this has been with people starting to enquire about getting their gear serviced and tanks hydro tested.  WARNING!!! Don’t wait until the day before you want to go diving to bring your regulators in for servicing, make sure you plan well ahead of time so that the regs are ready for when you want to dive.
Regulators and BC’s must be serviced annually, regardless of how much diving you do!  Ask anyone who’s done our equipment course, the seats that move up and down with every breath you take seal against what is known as knife edges, they seal onto these knife edges with constant spring pressure, that pressure creates a dent in the seat and this can do 2 things, either the regulators will begin leaking or there is a change in your line pressure that changes the breathing characteristics of the regulator.
Don’t take the chance on having your dives ruined by not having done your due maintenance.
Another piece of advice:  Regulators are bench tested for performance at the end of a service, it is always a good idea to firstly do an easy shallow shore dive prior to a deep boat dive following servicing; although it is extremely rare, you’re better off having an issue with regs in shallow water than deep!

Also please remember that cylinders can not be filled if they are out of hydro test currency (even by 1 day!).  The turn around time for Hydro tests is one week (Monday morning pick up and return the following Monday morning).
We are still looking for Instructors, Dive Masters and shop staff – if you know someone (or are someone!) who wants to talk to divers about diving, is knowledgeable about dive gear and wants to work in the industry please get them to contact us.