January news

What a pleasant start to 2018 as far as the weather is concerned! Not too hot, not too cold, water temperatures hovering around the 20 degree mark, visibility OK at most sites, brilliant at some and ordinary around the top end of the bay following recent rain events.
Something that has been particularly good to see in the last few weeks has been the emergence of divers not seen in a while heading back to the water and getting re-acquainted with the ocean on some of our guided shore dives, hopefully we’re in for a long Summer/Autumn this year, keeping divers in the water for months to come!
We’re off with a group of lucky divers to Kangaroo Island soon, can’t wait.

Join multi award winning photographer and dive instructor, Matt Krumins on a small group, exclusive underwater photography dive trip to Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. Transform your photography skills over 5 days of diving with hands on workshops and one on one mentoring covering both the shooting and editing side of photography.
Matt’s courses are designed from the ground up and specialise in simplifying the complicated. His enthusiasm for underwater photography and passion for the ocean is evident in his images and his willingness to share his knowledge with anyone who is keen to learn.

Milne Bay is extremely varied in its marine topography with huge drop offs, coral encrusted wall, massive overhangs, fast paced drift dives, shallow reef heads, and its world famous “Muck Diving”. The area is home to everything from large pelagic fish to the most amazing macro life making this destination the underwater photography Mecca that it is.
Outside of this a sight seeing tour to Skull Cave and the local waterfalls has also been arranged for the non diving day.

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