July news

Having just returned from Vanuatu and although having only stayed there for 1 week, I have to admit that the cold does provide a wake up call and a shock to the system!  But with the thought of heading back to warmer climates in a few weeks, anticipation is kicking in again!

SCUBA CULTURE’s next adventure is heading to the kingdom of TONGA to go and play with Humpback whales, an experience that is on many people’s bucket list.

Whilst on the subject of bucket lists, we hosted last Thursday the crew from Kokoda Historical who provided us with an insight as to what those of us who are wishing to extend our PNG trip next year can expect.  The presentation was amazing, David Howell, the director of the company also personally runs the tours and is a walking encyclopaedia of everything relating to Australia’s wartime history in Papua New Guinea.  He made a point of explaining that this trek is about taking the time to learn and appreciate what the WWII diggers did in the most adverse conditions to repel the Japanese push to occupy PNG and to utilise this as a launch platform to in-turn invade Australia.

This trek is not about breaking walking records, in fact, the maximum walking time during any one day is 6 hours, most days have 5 hours of walking.

This adventure is open to all whether you are doing the dive component or not, people can join the group directly in Pt Moresby for the trek departure, set to take place from 21 July 2018 and returning to Australia 31 July 2018.

Aside from that, our 2019 travel has been released with trips running to fabulous old favourites that never disappoint, Vanuatu (Port Vila and Santo) and Palau.