June news

Welcome to Winter!  Whatever you do, don’t let the cool days put you off your diving!  Diving in temperate waters is at its best during our Winter months.  Due to less daylight hours, we get less algeal blooms in the water column meaning that our visibility improves.
Some of the best back beach dives are done in Winter due to the predominance of Northerly winds, this flattens the sea in Bass Straits providing us with fabulous opportunities to explore sites that are generally not dived.
Should the stars line up with the gods of weather patterns, we look forward to taking you to some amazing back beach locations over the next few months on our club dives.  Such sites as St Paul’s Road, Jubilee Point, Diamond Bay and Bay of Islands are true gems as far as shore dives are concerned.
Our May club night was an absolute ripper with Ian Lockwood from Allways Dive Destinations presenting on our 2018 dive trip to Rabaul PNG.  Ian brought along one of his staff members, Luci, who recently herself travelled to PNG, stayed at the resort that we’ve booked and dived some of the sites that we will be diving next year, it was great to get a “Real Life”  review as opposed to what can simply be found on the web.  Another area of interest was with what was offered as a post dive trip activity, that being the opportunity to trek the historically significant Kokoda Track!  The tabling of that idea was an overwhelming success with enough verbal commitments and interest on the night to be able to make this trip extension a reality, so much so that a Kokoda extension information evening has been arranged for the 29th of June at 6.30pm for all those interested.

Looking ahead, we have 2 great courses on offer with Matt Krumins running another of his underwater photography programs (Theory evening 28 June and dives 1 July) and our GUE instructor kicking off another GUE Fundamentals course (Theory 1 July and the morning of 2 July, pool in the afternoon of 2 July and the open water dives on the 15 & 16 July).
The GUE Fundamentals program is guaranteed to change your diving forever, the skills sets taught during the course will make you a far more competent and confident diver that you can imagine, along with the implementations of the GUE philosophies your personal safety, comfort and enjoyment of your diving will improve dramatically!  Nick will be our guest speaker at our July 7 club night with an amazing presentation on the caves and Cenotes of Mexico.