White Night – Underwater

For those of you who will be venturing out to Melbourne’s White Night on 18 February, we thought we would compile a list of the most interesting visual events of the evening according to Scuba Culture – of course, all of them have a water theme!






The Medusa

Also known as Water Medusas, The Medusa created by creative studio, John Fish will float in the air above the Alexandra Gardens, dropping her tentacles down from her dome shaped bell head.

Alexandra Gardens
Alexandra Avenue, Melbourne VIC 30

Seadragons Lair

Created by Sheree Marris, Aquatic Scientist, Lisa Greenaway and John Power, the dome of the State Library will be transformed into an underwater adventure, featuring, among many other marine stars, one of our favourite little sea creatures, the Weeedy Seadragon. Immerse yourself in an epic 360° underwater adventure set against the backdrop of the State Library’s domed La Trobe Reading Room. See the dome’s ornate heritage architecture disappear beneath a wall of water to reveal the spectacular seascapes of Port Phillip Bay.

State Library of Victoria – La Trobe Reading Room
328 Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
More information: https://whitenightmelbourne.com.au/event/seadragons-lair


A spectacle where water and stone are transformed into an expressive musical instrument, amplified and looped using digital technology. Created by Melbourne-based ambient techno duo OK EG, Wavelength blurs the boundaries between installation, performance, projection, music and sound design.

Collins Street Baptist Church
174 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


Nebulous is a towering kinetic sculpture inspired by imaginations of the earth as seen from the moon – a living jewel floating in space, a throbbing jellyfish or a cell dividing! Perhaps a bit more of a stretch, but we think if you can see a jelly fish in here somewhere then it still deserves to be listed as a “water theme”!

Melbourne Museum Plaza
11 Nicholson Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Sonic light bubble

What scuba diver doesn’t like a good bubble?! Dotted with shining LED spots, the Sonic Light Bubble is a warm and inviting synthetic organism that responds with mesmerising sound and multi-coloured, 360-degree visual delights when you approach and touch it.

Carlton Gardens
1-111 Carlton Street, Carlton VIC 3053

So if you are not doing a night dive this Saturday night but you still want to be surrounded by the spectacular sights and feelings that scuba diving brings then head on into the city and enjoy White Night.