February update

Recently back from some time-out at Kangaroo Island with time to relax and reflect on how lucky we are to have such amazing and stunning diving right around this country of ours! Whilst on Kangaroo Island I had the pleasure of finishing off 2 new Junior Open Water students, Raphael & Jack. Raphael needed to get certified to provide Rae (mum) with a new dive buddy as her oldest son & dive buddy, had finished year 12 and found pastimes in other areas, and from my part, being able to certify my oldest boy Jack. One can argue that effectively, we have bred our own dive club membership growth, but I look at it as a dream come true in being able to share my passion for the marine environment with my son and being able to watch him as he makes constant new discoveries in a world that so many simply take for granted.
Scuba Diving is the ultimate great leveller, underwater, we’re all the same, but most of us dive for different reasons, what is interesting is to ask people what has diving done for them?
We have some dive club members who will tell you straight up that diving has changed their lives forever.
Stop and think! What an amazing sport, one where you can’t compete… there are no prizes for going the deepest, carrying the most amount of tanks or going the fastest, Scuba Diving is a companionship sport that enables people to share experiences underwater, and for those lucky enough, the ultimate reward comes from being able to scratch out a living from doing what you love to do.
A career in the world of diving isn’t for everyone, but this industry offers a huge range of pathways for the keen individual to make a success of themselves. Whether it is as an instructor, a photographer, videographer, an equipment technician, a brand ambassador or brand sales person, working on a live-aboard or a resort in a dream destination, there are many aspects of the sport that can appeal to individual.

DIVE FOR A CURE: A huge THANK YOU goes out to each and every diver who supported this event, who were so generous with both their time and their money!
Rye pier really turned it on for us for the dive and we raised approximately $750 for Leukaemia foundation.
Our friends at SCUBAPRO donated the major prize… A regulator! And tickets were only $5 per ticket with no limit as to the number of ticket purchasable by divers. Congratulations to DAVID FERGUSON for winning the SCUBAPRO sponsored prize!