Dive Travel Opportunities

Looking forward into 2017, we can honestly say that we will beat all participation records previously set with more interstate travel than ever before… A full trip to South West Rocks, a full trip to Tassie, a trip to Ewen’s Ponds and Kilsby’s sinkhole like we’ve never run before with not 1 day with 2 Kilby’s bookings but 2 days with 3 consecutive bookings, that means a total of 6 x 3 hour timeslots!!!
As far as international travel is concerned we have a full trip to Hideaway Island Vanuatu and a full trip to Tonga, but have bucket loads of availability on our trip to the Philippines June 21 to 30 2017!

Looking further ahead for those who like to plan, we launched last week our first 2018 international destination to dive PNG. We’re off to the Rapopo Plantation Resort and have a massive reservation able to once again cater for a big group of SCUBA CULTURE adventurers looking for an amazing experience. We have arranged the dive trip to coincide with the MASK festival, an annual event where tribes men and women from remote areas of PNG gather for a weeklong festival and celebration of local culture. Since the launch of the trip, several people have already booked and many more have taken booking forms and information for consideration. For those who need more detailed information prior to making that commitment, we have arranged for Ian Lockwood from Allways Dive Expeditions to run an information night as our May 26, 2017 club night.

Coming back to 2018, we’re also happy to announce that our trip to Kangaroo Island is also full apart from 2 single beds in a twin share room!