December news

Summer is really teasing us! As I sit here typing this December newsletter with the heater on I can’t help to think about what it was like 12 months ago, glorious sunshine, water temperature nudging 20 degrees by mid December, having mothballed the drysuit by early November…
So this year, in hopeful preparation of a long hot Summer, we thought that we would invest in the SCUBA CULTURE building and have our friends at Ezy Air put in a couple of reverse cycle air conditioning systems, the mother of which is located in the shopfront, the other, somewhat smaller in the office… Hmmm so far, these things have only operated on the HEAT mode apart from a few hours a couple of weekends ago where temperatures soared into the high 20’s!!!
Aside from that and thinking about all the carbon pollution talk around the place, we thought we would do the right thing by our environment and have installed a solar power system… After all, with new air con systems chewing through electricity, generating all that carbon, not to mention adding to never ending sky rocketing costs of power to the business, we thought that this would be a great idea!
So call me a sceptic but it’s becoming harder and harder to convince me that this thing called global warming actually exists… (NOTE* : Funny how the words “Global Warming” have been replaced with the non descript terms “Climate Change”)

The amount of diving happening, albeit less than this time last year is still being supported by good numbers of people defying the downward temperature trends and braving the elements, proof of that was our DIVE, DINE & DRINK club event with a full boat booking on RedBoats diving the Portsea Hole and divers participating on each of the 3 days of the Great Victorian fish count.
Looking outside the immediate events, dive trip bookings are still strong right through into 2018 with the Kangaroo Island January 2018 dive trip released at the dinner of our DIVE, DINE & DRINK function and just about booked out on the spot with only room for 2 people in a twin share room!

This being the last newsletter for the calendar year of 2016, Melissa, myself and our entire team of brilliant and dedicated dive professionals take this opportunity to wish you and yours all the very best for the festive season, may it be safe, full of love, fun and may 2017 bring you everything that you wish for! (hopefully some sunshine and warmth!)