October news

The month of September is notorious for being the worst month of the year for diving, the shoulder of the season going from Winter to Spring brings us wind with rapid direction and strength changes as well as our biggest rainfalls of the year, and certainly this year was a standout as far as rainfall is concerned! Hopefully, a large portion of the rain received goes to good use for our farmers and our water reserves, but inevitably, a lot of water will end up in the ocean. In as much as it is good for our waterways to get a “Flush” unfortunately a lot of rubbish will end up in our oceans as a result of the rain, but it is gratifying to see that it looks like the human race is finally getting the message, that being if we keep on treating our planet like a garbage dump, then that’s precisely what we will end up living in.

Recent figures released by Parks Victoria have shown that the amount of floating rubbish making its way down the Yarra has halved in the last 10 years, so hopefully, the trend will keep going.

The Dive Club has seen strong participation and support in its dive travel opportunities with some new Australian content added to our travel calendar, firstly with Tasmania and secondly with NSW. Fear not, our Kangaroo Island trip will be back on in January 2018, and our regular trips across the border to dive Ewen’s Ponds, Kilsby’s Sinkhole and tour the Coonawarra is already locked in for April 2017.
Which brings us to our international travel… We all know that our Tonga trip filled in record time with a waiting list, so, for those who missed out (or those that want an additional 2017 trip) we have just released a trip to the Philippines for June 2017.  Have you ever heard of “a wine buffet”?  Well, our ears certainly pricked up when we heard that new term.  Atmosphere Resort, judged as “Best Luxury Resort in the Philippines 2016”  by the Luxury Travel Guide during their Global Awards presentation, will be our base for a week of spectacular diving.  Looking forward to that one….