August news

Escaping cold, wet, dreary old Melbourne during the month of July was just the ticket, and travelling to the Niue, alias the Rock of Polynesia was perfect.
In as much as the gods of ocean behavior didn’t always play the game, just being in 29 degrees was so nice!!!
Having said that, we work hard in the planning of Winter getaways for our divers and there are very few better than the 4th of August presentation on TONGA, presented by Ian Lockwood from Allways Dive Expeditions.  So much so,  that on the night the trip was announced as fully booked, and in fact, over booked!  But with some pushing and prodding of the resort done by Ian, rooms have been re-arranged and shuffled and now we may actually have 1 spare bed left as part of a twin share with another male.  So, if you are male and looking for some whale action in Tonga next year, give us a call and get that booking form in quick!

Weight it up, August,  13 degrees in Melbourne, 10 degrees in Port Phillip Bay.  August 2017, 26 degrees in Tonga, 25 degrees in the water with the whales.  I know where I would prefer to be.    Go to

Our next club night will feature Liam Allen, from GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) speaking on the topic of the USS Atlanta Project.


Liam Allen, GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) top and most renowned instructor and exploration diver is set to blow the audience away with a presentation on the USS ATLANTA project. The USS Atlanta is a light battle cruiser that was sunk during the pacific battle of Guadalcanal after being severely damaged by both enemy and friendly fire. She lies at a respectful depth of 130 meters. During the whole project the GUE team was accompanied by an international film production team.

This will be a great club night for all those who are adventure minded and keen on WWII history of the South Pacific region. Please join us for this fabulous event and presentation and be here for another couple of special announcements to be made of the night! To ensure that we get our catering right, RSVP is a must.