May SCUBA news

What an amazing April for diving! Once again, SCUBA CULTURE ran a truly stunning & memorable dive trip to SA diving Ewen’s Ponds and Kilsby’s Sinkhole, touring the Coonawarra and enjoying the sights, tastes and weather of this amazing part of Australia.  Again this trip needs to be used as a reminder to our divers that if wanting to attend, divers must jump on rapidly and not wait until the last minute.

Heaps of guided dives coming up:

7 May with DB! Still searching for the Scuba sheep!

14 May with DB! Needing more Scuba sheep action!

22 May with Dr. Kate! On a quest for some close up and personal contact with Brittle Stars

28 May with Madison! (our all round nice guy, just the young man every mum wants her daughter to meet!) with a 9.30am Ex-HMAS Canberra followed by a 12 noon Devils Drop Off

4 June with DB & San: On the back of a recent and amazing hunting double dive punctuated with a Pizza surface interval, we’re back on RedBoats for a double Cray and Scallop dive

June 12 with San: Let’s go and see what San can dig up for us on San’s mystery dive tour!

June 7 to 15 with Xavier: Let’s go and dive the world’s most accessible ship wreck off the shore! It’s big!!! It’s bloody big, it’s only 2mts shorter than the Titanic… But there’s a catch! It’s in Vanuatu!!! (reports are that there are seats left on the plane and 2 bungalows left on the resort, so you too can come along and play with the other club members in tropical paradise!